Prices offers a number of photo shoots to suite your needs starting from £30 per person for a Picture Party to a full bespoke shoot starting at £125 per hour.  See below for more details

Picture Party

Picture Party BannerPicture Parties are where you host a party for a group of people for a photo shoot at your home. Ideal for family and friends you can also have a themed party for something a little different. Think of it as ‘Tupperware for Photography’. Ideal as a Christmas present, family keepsake or a fun night in.



Home Visit Photo Shoot and Portraits 

Family photo shoot

What could be nicer than having your professionally shot photographs taken in the comfort of your own home? AI-Imaging’s friendly photographer and  his female assistant will create a  studio experience in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for relaxed and informal family shoots, to capture those reluctant stars and home birds and of course you can even add the family pet.




Bands and Events

New Rumours PhotoShootHaving the right visual imagery for your band or event is hugely important in communicating what your are about.  AI-Imaging offers an initial consultation with the band/event organisers to get a ‘feel’ for the image you want to portray. Working with you to create a vision and establishing an informal  and relaxed atmosphere for the shoot.  Our experience enables us to work in a way which is professional but ensures minimal intrusion into the creative process.




Model Portfolio’s

Dean's Model Portfolio shootWhether you are just starting your modelling career or wish to update your personal portfolio.  AI-Imaging can work with you to produce a professional portfolio of with images you will be proud to show to any prospective agency or client.  We can also cater for specialist or niche market images and we are happy to get creative if you want to push the boundaries.





Look Good Naked!

Look Good Naked photo shootHow we see ourselves can sometimes make a real difference to how we see the world, as so many of today’s make over programs have demonstrated.  Let AI-Imaging bring out your inner beauty and lift your spirits with a confidence boost photoshoot. Shoots can be tastefully and sensitively conducted with the photographer and our female assistant if required.




Corporate Portraits

Corporate Photo ShootVisibility is highly important for organisations operating in today’s market place.  With the advent of social media and the expectation for every organisation to have an e-shop window  website its become essential to ‘show your face’.  AI-Imaging can help you do that professionally and with confidence with one of of our corporate photo shoots.





Wedding PhotographThere can be no more special occasion than a wedding and its important that the photographer captures those precious moments just as you want them to.  AI-Imaging work very hard to make this happen for you and this is reflected in our portfolio of weddings.  These are not models, they are ordinary people on and extraordinary day who have entrusted their wedding photography to us, they were glad they did and so were we.




Product Photography

Product photograph - wireEnsure  that your product range is looking its best on your promotional material and website with a AI-Imaging  bespoke product shoot.  A well lit and thought through shoot can make all the difference to how inanimate objects look when photographed and this is where AI-Imaging excels.  Working with your own creative minds to capture sharp images which ‘pop’, we set high standards for ourselves and rise to the challenge every time.


 Other Photo Shoots

Pets and other photography

There are some really special occasions in life and its wonderful to have them captured by a professional photographer. From milestone Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary’s and Engagements to Prom Nights and Retirements.  If you are celebrating,  then AI-Imaging wants to be there for you.



Copy Writing

copy writing

AI-Imaging has the added benefit of employing their own in house copy writer to fulfil any of their copy writing needs. Barbara can produce copy in a variety of styles to reach a diverse audience,  she is the person responsible for producing all the AI-Imaging text on this website.