About AI-Imaging

AI-Imaging.com is based in Blackburn, East Lancashire and our photographer Drew Isherwood has always lived in the area and enjoyed photographing its natural beauty.  He has also travelled extensively and captured stunning images from both home and around the world, many of which can be seen in his personal portfolio. To view the portfolio click here…

Drew has a genuine passion for portraiture and demonstrates an amazing ability to capture his subjects best self, while putting them completely at their ease with his relaxed approach.

Barbara is our in house copy writer who is available to work with clients who also want to add written text to accompany their images, or for any other copy writing needs you may have such as promotional material.

AI-Imaging enjoy working in their local area and do not make any additional charge for travelling to shoots within East Lancashire.  We are also happy to travel and shoots can easily be arranged outside the local area, with a reasonable additional charge being included to cover travel costs.